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Tutorial: Catherine Willows [CSI]

ashley_messer  requested a tutorial from a recent batch of icons so I found my .psd file for a similar icon. This tutorial was made in Photoshop CS2 and you should have a common knowledge in layers, hue/saturation, and selective coloring. :)

Going from :

First off you take your photo, crop it, and resize. I took a photo of Catherine Willows from CSI [episode was Big Shots]. I resized to 100x100. My base looks like this:

Duplicate your base two times and set the layers to screen at 100% opacity (depending on your icon). My icon looks like this now:

I'm not liking the coloring on Catherine right now, so I'm going to add an adjustment layer: color balance.
My inputs are:
Midtones: Cyan (+0) / Magenta (+0) / Yellow (+9)
Shadows: Cyan (-8) / Magenta (+0) / Yellow (+24)
Make sure Preserve Luminosity is checked.

My icon looks like this:

But we're not done yet because the icon looks too blue/purple!

We're going to add a new hue/saturation layer. Using the following inputs:
(Note all the the hue/lightness inputs are zero. These inputs are only for the saturation parts)
Master: 0
Red: 0
Yellow: 0
Greens: +28
Cyans: +71
Blues: +32
Magentas: +0
(Mess with the opacities depending on your icon)

Look of icon now:

Add a new selective coloring layer:
C: -63/ M: 0 / Y: +62 / B: 0
C: -46 / M: 0 / Y: +37 / B: 0
C: +100 / M: 0 / Y: +100 / B: 0
C: -22 / M: 0 / Y: +18 / B: 0

Look of icon so far:

One last selective coloring:
C: -100 / M: 0 / Y: +100 / B: 0
C: -100 / M: 0 / Y: -15 / B: 0
C: +100 / M: 0 Y: +100 / B:0
C: +57 / M: 0 / Y: -14 / B: 0

That's it!

You get your final product:

Feel free to download the .psd file as well. :D

I hope you enjoy this tutorial. Try things on your own, move the inputs around and most of all, try different things! :) Different gradients and textures really work and can really make your icon pretty. :)

If you like this tutorial feel free to join us!
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